Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries

Starting in the late 90’s, Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries has existed for one purpose - to reach people for Christ while inspiring others to do the same, through any and all possible methods.

Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries has taken Jesus’ Great Commission to heart by presenting the message of Christ in a relevant way to large numbers of people who might not otherwise be exposed to the message. With large numbers of decisions being made for Christ at each of his events, evangelist Jay Lowder uses both scripture and personal stories in a straightforward style that reaches both believers and non-believers alike.  


The message presented at Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries’ events stay true to the Gospel, but tactics and methods change to reach each particular audience, whether students, families, men, women, the churched or un-churched. Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries uses innovative, creative and cutting-edge techniques to ensure a successful event.





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