Reaching students where they are.


Student Event

Jay Lowder breaks down the barriers that students have by connecting with them on their level.  He understands their emotional needs, their social turmoil, and their desire to discover their place in life and in society.

Jay shares his personal testimony of the struggles he faced as a student, including alcoholism, his suicide attempt, and his rebellion against all things God.  His life experience allows him to guide the students into a heartfelt relationship with Christ.





School Assembly

Crossroads School Assembly is a mainstream program aimed at addressing the pressures of alcohol, drugs, suicide, violence and sex to teenagers and young adults living in our demanding society. The assembly is targeted to international, national, regional, and local schools and universities.

When an event is scheduled, Crossroads allows Jay Lowder to connect with the students in the schools prior to the event at a church.  Students resonate with Jay, want to hear more, and are invited to the upcoming event.  

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These events can be combined with Sunday services or as part of a multi-day community wide evangelistic outreach. Contact us for more details on how your church can benefit from an event like this.