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Parents, quit caring more about the White House than you do about your own house. - Fox News

The taproots of these destructive mores are the breakdown of the family, and their cure lies not ...
March 11, 2017 — Read More »

Christian Post - Evangelist Creates 'The Darkest Hour' TV Series to Reach People With the Gospel in Moments of Deep Despair

"the day we quit attempting to do something great for God is the day we need to quit ministry..."...
December 17, 2016 — Read More »

Jay Lowder on Daystar

Watch full interview here.
December 13, 2016 — Read More »

The Blaze - "Trump, Clinton and praying for the best choice."

It is that time again, when all media, activities and conversations seem to become political... ...
August 04, 2016 — Read More »

The Blaze - The uproar over Brock Turner is long overdue

For years, we have sat idly, responding with apathy while media reports of rape have occasionally...
June 14, 2016 — Read More »

"The Judas in each of us" - Religion World News

"While we refuse to admit the likeness, in some ways our reflection looks a lot like Judas. Not o...
March 24, 2016 — Read More »

"The Aftermath of Coping with Suicide" - TheBlaze

Jay shares insights and steps to coping when someone you love commits suicide.
February 01, 2016 — Read More »

The Hardest Gift to Give at Christmas -

"Although it doesn’t come in a box covered by sleigh red wrapping, it is the greatest, most...
December 25, 2015 — Read More »

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