Suicide, depression are our nation's Scarlet A -

There is a stigma attached to mental health issues and suicidal tendencies. Very few of us will e...
June 08, 2018 — Read More »

Las Vegas Shooting - Fox News

We are a nation filled with unrest, a people who have been saturated by every tragedy as it has b...
October 07, 2017 — Read More »

The Darkest Hour - 700 Club

Jay Lowder joins the 700 Club to talk about The Darkest Hour, Midnight in Aisle 7, his life, and ...
September 26, 2017 — Read More »

Notorious Criminal Set Free - Christian Post

One of the most powerful lessons many overlook each Easter is the account of a notorious outlaw, ...
April 16, 2017 — Read More »

Parents, quit caring more about the White House than you do about your own house. - Fox News

The taproots of these destructive mores are the breakdown of the family, and their cure lies not ...
March 11, 2017 — Read More »

The Reconnect with Carmen LaBerge

PODCAST: guest host Birga Alden talks with evangelist Jay Lowder on why he is working on a creati...
January 15, 2017 — Read More »

Christian Post - Evangelist Creates 'The Darkest Hour' TV Series to Reach People With the Gospel in Moments of Deep Despair

"the day we quit attempting to do something great for God is the day we need to quit ministry..."...
December 17, 2016 — Read More »

Jay Lowder on Daystar

Watch full interview here.
December 13, 2016 — Read More »

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