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Being a Christian Does Not Make You Immune to Depression, Hopelessness, and Suicide

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Topic: Suicide
Publish Date: 09.3.2019
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September 1st marked the beginning of suicide prevention month; an issue which not only affected me but one that is very near to my heart. What if the church became more open about this worldwide plague?
Being a Christian does not make you immune to depression, hopelessness, and suicide. At 21 years of age, I was so depressed and desperate for a way out that I found myself crouched on the couch, my white-knuckled hand holding a gun to my head. By God’s grace, my roommate happened to come early from work that day, and I put down my weapon when I heard his car pull up. Several weeks would go by before I finally talked to my roommate about my depression, and what his early arrival that day circumvented. 
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